Teams can be formed by any ATA Licensee who has become a certified team sparring coach. or has a
certified coach on staff at their location.

Junior Teams

The junior team sparring event is only for those students whose ages fall in the 15-16-17

age group as of 11:59 p.m. on December 31 of the current tournament year. Jr. Teams

(ages 15-17 only) are comprised of the following members:

  • 2-Females

  • 3-Males

  • 4-total alternates (2 male & 2 female)

  • 2- coaches with one being certified. One of the coaches must be present at each match.

  • Members of a team can be selected from any 15-16-17 boy or girl in good standing with the

  • ATA from the district in which they reside. Members of a team may not cross district

  • lines. Prior to contacting a potential team member, the coach must obtain permission to

  • speak to the student from the student’s instructor. Proof of approval will be necessary.

Adult Teams

Adult teams may have a maximum of 10 total members consisting of 8 competitors and 2-coaches. 
(1 head coach and one assistant coach of which one coach must be
certified.) The breakdown
of adult team competitors are as follows:

  • 4-Male competitors

  • 1-Female Competitor

  • 3-total alternates (2 male & 1 female)

  • Two coaches with one being certified. One of the coaches must be present at each match.

  • Coaches may be competitors for adult competitions, but must be listed on the official roster as

  • both a coach and competitor. (There are only eight competitor spots on a roster.)

Coaches Qualifications

All coaches must be certified. Certification can be obtained by attending a Coaches Training Seminar
at any of the world or national tournaments. Owners attending the World Conference will not incur
an additional charge for coaching certification at this event. Any person who has previously coached
a team at the 2014 District and/or World Championships will grandfather in as a certified coach.
The official list of certified coaches will be maintained by tournament department of the ATA.

Coaching certification is necessary to ensure the coaches:

  • Know the rules/guidelines for forming teams and competitions

  • Learn coaching strategies pertaining to team sparring/cumulative scoring.

  • Understand the training nuances connected with team sparring vs individual sparring

  • Limit the coaching liability

  • Ensure the integrity of the selection process for teams